Future is today, but we don’t see it

Future is today, but we don’t see it, because is everyday. Everyone uses mobile phones and not “primitive” devices, but rather small computers with possibility to calling. But future means n Read more

Payments banks and the new banking paradigm

In December 2013, the Mor Committee mooted the idea of differentiated licensing to fill the gap in financing to small businesses and business banking software. The eloquent preamble to the chapter described global trends in ‘payments institutions’, concluding, “any financial inclusion strategy Read more

Companies, insurances and other topics

Companies need more and more IT support. CRM is only one of them. Who knows how life would look like without them and how people would concentrate on their work. CRM is an acronym for Customer Relati Read more

Credit Card Churning – What is it? Is it ethical?

Credit card churning is the process of signup up for credit cards, reaping the signup incentives, and then discontinuing using client reporting software. Doing this usually requires high spending, lots of planning, and organizational skills. Most cards typically offer signup bonuses to those who spe Read more

Services delivered by the companies are really helpful and useful

Services and goods are close to customers. They are at hand, within reach of hand. Services are the salt of each company. If company concentrates on delivery of the best services, it mea Read more

What bank buyers buy now

While banks with strong core deposit franchises have long earned the highest multiples when selling, a number of strong asset generators and in particular, those with scale, have fetched high valuations in recent years. Bank client reporting software has often assigned higher value to franchises tha Read more

Entrepreneurship has a great future in front of them

Banks are firms with the future, having good image, mission, vision and wanting to achieve some goals, some aims and getting more and more excellent ideas. They will survive even in the most complicated reality and difficult market. They must be present and bring more and more profits. They have to Read more

Financial protection

Typical ms Kovalsky don’t know too much about finances. He earn money in job, spends it in shops. He can transfer money by the internet, he uses credit cards and ATM machines. There are p Read more

Companies are king

A company is really crucial for all people interested in cooperation with the best institutions. Banking software is something really useful for all customers – there are so many of them that everybody can get more and more support on daily basis, for their good and their satisfaction.  Banking s Read more

Management brings huge profits

Management brings huge profits and shall satisfy all needs. People are aware of the fact that companies need more and more support on daily basis. All of them need more and more support Read more